If you are interested in doing an inspirational Bible study, you’ve came to the right place! Gleanings From Scripture have several inspirational Christian books for you to choose from. Our overarching goal is to change the stereotypical view of a gloomy Jesus, into a smiling face that radiates joy and gladness. To accomplish that goal we sell books on the therapy of laughter; about Jesus’ sense humor and other devotional Bible study books. Using the parables and the miracles of Jesus recorded in the Four Gospels as our inspired source, we set out to discover Jesus’ delightful sense of humor. As we explore these spiritual insights we can lighten up, cease taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy turning our frowns into smiles.

These books are dedicated to helping others escape pessimism and walk the path of praise.  They are based on the conviction that we can tap into the Christ of miracles and the miracles of Christ, by faith, and find them leading us to ever-laughing life.

Enjoy Rev. Dr. Marshall L. Hoffman’s best selling Christian books, blog, and free online articles.

Featured Christian Books by Rev. Dr. Marshall L. Hoffman

A Joke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

One hundred and forty-seven daily portions of mirth—from jokes to rib-tickling stories, from tall tales to true accounts, from hilarious things kids say to funny things that happen in church—these drops of holy hilarity from a seasoned pastor will lighten any heart.

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Learning to Laugh Again

Learning to Laugh Again: 7 Miraculous Signs in the Gospel of John that Point to the Smiling Face of Jesus,”is a delightful look at the joy-producing miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John and the underlying patterns and message that point us to the smiling face of Christ.

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Avenues of Adoration

“Avenues of Adoration Through the Season of Advent: Devotionals that Celebrate a Christ-Centered Christmas,” filled with insights from scripture that will bring spiritual renewal, offers answers to fully celebrate the Advent season.

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Famous Last Words

“Famous Last Words” brings an in-depth and heart-searching look at the seven last words that Christ spoke from the cross. His death, burial, and resurrection transformed human history. A careful look at the richness of these last words will prepare us spiritually to experience God’s transforming power.

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Turning Our Frowns Into Smiles

A new and smile-producing look at the parables of Jesus will banish the traditional stereotype of a gloomy Jesus. Jesus, the Master Teacher, used subtle humor in the parables to capture and hold the attention of his audience.

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Getting Comfortable with Divine Demands

A pastor, military chaplain, and author brings the Ten Commandments to life as foundational principles, flexible guidelines, and positive and life-giving boundaries.

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Turning Problems Into Praise

Following a path of praise is like running an obstacle course. There are challenges around every bend of the road. Many of these difficulties are identified and clarified in the the parables of Matthew Thirteen.

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The Christ of Miracles

The practice of praise as a daily lifestyle requires power More power than we possess. ‘Where can we find the urge to surge to new plateaus of praise? We find it in the miracles of Christ beginning with the water turned into wine, and consummating in the raising of Lazarus from the dead, each succeeding sign points to a new plateau of praise.

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